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Slack SAML Integration Using PureAUTH


This document explains how to configure and manage Slack integration with the PureAUTH Identity Platform and make Slack authentication Passwordless.

Add Slack SAML application on PureAUTH

  • Enter Any application Name.
  • Select Primary (Corporate Email) in the Dataset for email field.
  • Select Primary (Full Name) in the Dataset for name field.
  • In the “SAML Response Endpoint (ACS URL)” field, enter the URL using the following pattern.
  • In “Audience (Entity ID)” field, enter the URL using the following pattern:

Set up SAML SSO for Slack

Note: We need Business+Subscription account.

Once you’ve configured your identity provider (IDP), a workspace owner can enable SSO:

  • Click the workspace name in the top left corner of your desktop.
  • Select Settings & administration from the menu, then click Workspace settings.
  • Click the Authentication tab.
  • Next to SAML authentication, click Configuration.
  • In the top right, toggle Test mode on.
  • Next to SAML SSO URL, enter your SAML 2.0 endpoint URL(HTTP).
  • Next to Identity provider issuer, enter your IDP entity ID.
  • Copy the entire x.509 certificate from your identity provider and paste it into the Public certificate field
  • Next to Advanced options, click Expand. Choose how the SAML response from your IDP is signed. If you need an end-to-end encryption key, tick the box next to Sign AuthnRequest to show the certificate.
  • Under Settings, decide if member can edit their profile information (like their email or display name) after SSO is enabled. You can also choose whether SSO is required, partially required* or optional.
  • Under Customise, enter a Sign-in button label.
  • Select Save configuration to finish.
  • Now, visit https://yourdomain.slack.com/ to test authentication.
  • Congratulations! You are now using slack passwordless.

Further Assistance

For further information or assistance, please contact PureID support team : support@pureid.io

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