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Zoho SAML Integration Using PureAUTH


This document explains how to configure and manage Zoho integration with the PureAUTH Identity Platform and make Zoho authentication Passwordless.


  • Your Zoho account must be an organization account and not a personal account.
  • You must be an administrator in your organization.

Add Zoho SAML application on PureAUTH

  • Enter Any application Name.
  • Select Primary (Corporate Email) in the Dataset for email field.
  • In the “SAML Response Endpoint (ACS URL)” field, enter the URL using the following pattern.
  • Click “Add

Steps to configure SAML with Zoho Accounts

  • Sign in to your Zoho account at accounts.zoho.com.
  • Click “Organization” in the left menu, then click “SAML Authentication“.
  • Click “Download Metadata“.
  • Copy the ACS URL from Metadata and paste it into PureAUTH.
  • Click Set up Now.
  • Enter the information (which you get from your PureAUTH) in the following fields:
    • Sign-in URL
    • Sign out URL (Optional)
    • X.509 Certificate
  • In the Zoho Service select the service you want to redirect your users to when they access the app from your PureAUTH.
  • Click “Configure”.
  • Congratulations! You are now using Zoho passwordless.

Further Assistance

For further information or assistance, please contact PureID support team : support@pureid.io.

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